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'Peace and Plenty' 1986
(Greentrax CT TRAX 002)

£12.00 (UK)
£14.00 (Rest of World)
  1. Tullochgorum
2. The Bells of The Town
3. Song of the Plough
4. The Colliery Gate, No You Won’t Get Me Down in Your Mines
5. The Black Bear, The Drover Lads, The Top House
6. South Australia, Esikibo River, Blood Red Roses, Little Sally Racket
7. Up and Rin Awa’ Geordie
8. Scotland
9. Falkirk Tryst
10. Mothers, Daughters, Wives
11. The Highland Road
12. Barratt’s Privateers
13. Men of The Sea
14. Song For Europe
15. Tae The Weavers Gin Ye Gang
16. Leave Her Johnny

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