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Lyrics - Tae The Weavers

Tae the weavers gin ye gang, fair maids
Tae the weavers gin ye gang
I'll rede you richt, gang ne'er at nicht
Tae the weavers gin ye gang

My heart was aince as blyth and free
As summer days are lang
But a bonie westlin' weaver lad
Has gart me change my sang

My mither sent me tae the toon
Tae warp a plaiden wab
But the weary weary warpin' o't
Has gart me sigh and sab

A bonie westlin' weaver lad
Sat working at his loom
He took my heart as wi' a net
In every knot and thrum

I sat beside my warpin-wheel
And ay I ca'd it roun'
But every shot and every knock
My heart it gae a stoun

The moon was sinking in the west
Wi' visage pale and wan
When my bonie westlin' weaver lad
Convoy'd me thro' the glen

But what was said and what was done
Shame fa' me gin I tell
But Oh! I fear the country soon
Will ken as weel's mysel'

Tae The Weavers
From album - 'Peace and Plenty' (Greentrax CT TRAX 002)

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