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Lyrics - Song For Europe

There were love songs and war songs
And songs of lost romance
Songs that made you listen
Songs that made you dance
But I've programmed my computer
'Cos the money's getting low
To write a song for Europe
And this is how it goes, yes it goes

Boom boom a boom boom, bing bang bong
Simple rhyme and not too long
Sun and moon and stars above
Congratulations I'm in love

Euro song and Euro smiles
Bright young stars for miles and miles
Euro sun and Euro fun
Take the Euros and run
Laughing to the nearest bank
The nearest Euro bank THANKS!

Now the verse to win the contest
Say goodbye in every language
Wishing all the world was free
Shed a tear to camera three
Danke schoen it time to go
Au revoir and cheerio
Chow, farvel, we had great fun
Look out for the change of key

Song For Europe
© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS
From album - 'Peace and Plenty' (1986 Greentrax CT TRAX 002)

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