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Lyrics - Seagull Cry

I would tend flocks and waken in the morning
With the dawning of the day
But time passes slowly as the herd sounds lowly
Sadder I than they

Seagull cry, cry the spirit of the sea
Seagull cry, cry the spirit of my love for thee

Fortune never came my way and yet it matters not
For I was young and free
Yet if I'd had this land I'd hae up an ta'en her hand,
Though it's now too late for me

I will sail my boat on courses chartered by my own hand
Seeking one that's true
I will travel lonely for this journey only
Without thought of you

Foreign lands come in to view and yet I turn the helm
And run for open sea
Sad she'll be to know that I have found another
Sadder I than she

Seagull Cry
© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS
From album - 'McCalmans Live (At Your Service)' (1980 MACS 01 [CBS 84518])
'McCalman Singular' (Greentrax CDTRAX269)

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