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McCalman Singular

"Songs by Ian McCalman - sung by friends"


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'McCalman Singular'

£12.00 (UK)
£14.00 (Rest of World)

Greenland (Barbara Dickson)
The 8-3-0 (Sheena Wellington)
Sidmouth Festival Blues (Mike Whellans)
High Ground / Vogrie (Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham)
Shian Road (Isla St Clair)
Wrecked Again (Allan Taylor)
Bound To Go (Davy Steele)
Wha's Like Us? (Jim Malcolm)
War Outside (Dick Gaughan)
Scotland (Sangsters)
Highlands Tomorrow (Janet McCalman)
WMD (The McCalmans)
Seagull Cry (Derek Moffat)
Edinburgh & Strange Dawn (Ian McCalman)

'Brilliant album'
Mike Harding, BBC Radio Two

'Stellar volunteer cast are a tribute to the high esteem in which the man is held ... thoughtprovoking ... hilarious'
Bob Walton, Folk Roots

'Ian McCalman's best songs in this excellent album'
Rob Scott, Sunday Post

'Ian's songs both comic and touching'
Kenny Mathieson, The Scotsman

'A little classic'
Archie Fisher, Travelling Folk

'Listen to these excerpts from Ian's 'songbook' and enjoy, as you won't be disappointed'
Andrew Webster, Living Tradition

'Fascinating album which deserves careful listening'
The Folk Mag

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