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Lyrics - All the tunes in the World

Lay down the borrowed guitar
Lay down the fiddle and bow
You'd like one more drink at the bar
But the manager says you must go

And all the tunes in the world
Are dancing around in your head
But the clock on the gantry says play-time is o'er
You'll just have to sing them instead

Lay down the jig and the reel
Lay down the planxty and slide
Everyone knows how you feel
But there's no time to take one more ride

The barmaid has put on her coat
And the barman has emptied the slops
And the manager's friends are afraid
The music will bring in the cops

Everyone here feels the same
Oh yes you deserve one more tune
but you know the rules of the game,
It's time to go howl at the moon

All the tunes in the World
Ewan McVicar
From album - 'Songs From Scotland' (Greentrax CDTRAX 045)

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