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Lyrics - White Horses

A long way home, far-out the sleeping island,
We'll reach the rocky headland when the dawn breaks,
When the dawn breaks,
A long wild night, high songs and voices cracking,
Sea kelp and trampled bracken, mark our pathway,
Mark our path behind.

And all the white horses are running,
All the white horses are running,
All the white horses are running,
Far from shore.

Beyond the hills, old friends who fan the firelight,
Retreat into the dark night, far behind us
Far behind us.
A rising wind across the tiderace hurries,
Lifting the foaming flurries of the water,
Of the swelling tide.

And when at last the day stands clear,
We'll find we know it ended here,
A rocky shore where winds blow high,
And tangled waters meet a lowering sky...

First light of dawn, an empty sea revealing,
High up the gulls are wheeling as we turn,
And face the morning,
A silent time, I know you long for leaving,
No talk, so no deceiving in your silence,
In your silent eyes.

White Horses
© Nick Keir MCPS/PRS
From album - 'High Ground' (Greentrax CDTRAX 138 )

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