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Lyrics - The Lochs o' the Tay

From Forfar the Dean Water drains the Vale of Strathmore,
Doon the lazy loopin Isla to the Tay by Meiklour.
Now the Isla's early roamin' is in Highland no' in Lowland,
where the Ardle and Shee twine in Ericht's company.

For the Lochs o' the Tay are the jewels in the crown of a Scone coronation.
And the streams o' the Shire course the county that's dearest tae me.

Now the Garry disnae tarry in a melt-swollen spring,
With the Bruar, Tilt and Erochty leachin' Atholl's high grun'.
From the moors o' lonely Rannoch trickles peat fae many dark loch,
Through the Tummel's cleft braes by the Northern Highways.

Doon the Dochart and the Lochy spillin' doon tae Loch Tay,
Killin tae Kenmore tae Aberfeldy just a raft race away.
Up the pools o' high Breadalbane slip the sleek Lyon salmon,
as the funnel their way atween Schiehallion and Tay.

As the Bran pours by Loch Freuchie doon the braes tae Dunkeld,
So the Almond hurries Sconeward, aye the Tay's eldest child.
But the Earn will run her own way, giving way to Tay only,
Ere she flows tae the tide, wi the Farg on her side.

The Lochs o' the Tay
Jim Malcolm
From album - 'High Ground' (Greentrax CDTRAX 138 Cassette)

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