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Lyrics - Smuggler

The boat rides South of Ailsa Craig in the waning of the light,
There's thirty men in Lendalfit to make our burdens light,
And there's thirty horse at Hazelholm with the halters on their heads,
All set this night upon yon height if wind and water speed.

Smugglers drink of the Frenchman's wine,
And the darkest night is the smuggler's time.
Away we ran from the excise man,
It's a smuggler's life for me, it's a smuggler's life for me.

Oh, lass ye hae a cosy bed and cattle ye have ten,
Can ye no live a lawful life and live wi' lawful men?
But must I live with hamely goods when there' s foreign gear sae fine,
Must I drink at the waterside, and France sae full of wine?

And when at last the sun comes up and the cargo's safely stored,
Like sinless saints to church we'll go, God's mercy to afford,
And there's champagne fine for communion wine, the parson drinks it too.
With a sly wink prays 'Forgive these men, for they know not what they do.'

(Registered as "Traditional".
Chorus, some verses and most of the tune written by Ian)
From album - 'Smuggler' (1975 XTRA 1149)
'Scottish Songs' (1986 Ross Records CWGR 092)

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