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Lyrics - Running Home

The Sun sets on the harbour, and there's autumn in the woods
Low cloud that hides the hill, a silver misty shroud
The last ferry leaving, ah but we are left on shore
A cold night in a strange hotel before we come home once more.

Running home to you
Running home to you
At the first sight of the morning light
I'll be running home to you.

I will show you these islands, as they sleep amongst the tides
Out beneath a changing sky where the breakers ride
And we'll walk down by the water as the sea tugs at the sand
Till the cold steel of the waning sun drives the traveler safe inland

There's a skylark sings in Lothian and I'm weary for her song
Tho the clear stars of the northern sky tempt me to linger on
All the world lies open in the silence of the night
And I'll dream I see your smiling face till we greet the morning light

Running Home
© Nick Keir MCPS/PRS
From album - 'Where the Sky Meets the Sea' (Greentrax CDTRAX 232)

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