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Lyrics - Pleasantly Pleased To Be Seventy

(The "age" can be changed to 60, 70, 80 or 90, just remember to change the third line as well)

I am pleasantly pleased to be seventy

Astounded that I’ve lived so long

I had a fine time till I reached sixty-nine

I thought that was it…. but I’m wrong

It’s not at all bad to be seventy

And frankly I'm doing OK

Apart from the sight in my mirror at night

There are no other signs of decay

Delighted to wake up each day

I accept all the free things I'm given

My pension, my bus pass and all

I really don't care, but if it is there

I'll take it no matter how small

I can be just as ill as I want to

And google my symptoms with glee

I can do a sore back or a mild heart attack

Or die if I want to for free

It's amazing how ill I can be

It's my job to annoy younger people

I criticise all that they say

They tell me I'm sad and I tell them they're mad

But frankly they're doing OK

And I never drive above thirty

No matter the limits or signs

It's amazing how slow my Ford Focus can go

With an angry Mercedes behind

Sometimes it's cruel to be kind

I am pleasantly pleased to be seventy

I'm far from the end of the line

There's so much that's new and there's so much to do

And I'll do it 'cause I have the time

It's not at all bad being seventy

But one thing is bothering me

My memory has gone…….. and I can't finish songs……

Pleasantly Pleased To Be Sixty
© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

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