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Lyrics - Mormond Braes

As I cam in by Strichen Toon,
I heard a fair maid mournin'
She was makin' sair complaint
O' her true love ne'er returnin'

Fair thee weel ye Mormond Braes,
Whaur oft times I've been cheery
Fair thee weel ye Mormond Braes,
For it's there I lost my dearie.

There's aye guid fish intae the sea,
As ever yet was taken.
I'll cast my net and try again,
For I' only aince forsaken

There's mony a horse has snappert an' fa'n.
An' risen again fu' rarely.
There's mony a lass has lost her lad,
And gotten anither richt early.

Sae I'll put on my gown o' green
It's a forsaken token,
And that will let the young lads ken,
That the bonds o' love are broken.

I'll gang back to Strichen toon
Whaur I was bred and born,
An' there I'll get anither sweetheart
Tae marry me in the morn.

Mormond Braes
From album - 'Burn The Witch' (Transatlantic TRA357)

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