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Lyrics - Green Grow The Rashes

There's nought but care on ev'ry han'
In every hour that passes , O
What signifies the life o'man
An ' 'twere na for the lasses, O

Green grow the rashes , O
The sweetest hours that e'er I spent,
I spent amang the lassies, O

Gie me a cannie hour at e'en
My arms aboot my dearie, O
An' warly cares an' war'ly men
May a' gae tapsalteerie, O!

Nou ye sae douce, ye scoff at this
Ye're nought but senseless asses, O
The wisest man the warl' e'er saw,
He dearly luv'd the lasses, O

Auld nature swears, the lovely dears
Her finest work she classes, O
Her prentice han' she try'd on man
An'then she made the lasses, O

Green Grow The Rashes
Robert Burns
From album - 'McCalmans Live (At Your Service)' (MACS 01 [CBS 84518])

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