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Lyrics - East Lothian Sky

When first we came here there was frost in the air
But the earth was still warm and the seed nestled there
The pageant of autumn with colours so fair
Marched in as September lay dying,
Then cold wind and snow rattled in from the north
The nights they grew longer and days they grew short
And we headed for home and we sat by the hearth
And we watched the flames leap at the fireside

And what have I given and what would I give
To be here on the ridge looking down to the sea
With the wind in the corn and a lark on the wing
And a wide East Lothian Sky

The bleak days of winter moved weary and slow
And the seed rested safely deep under the snow
Ready to waken at springtime's first glow
And climb through the earth to the sunshine
And we trudged through the streets under grey city skies
Far away from the field where the sleeping corn lies
And we walked through the dark scarcely lifting our eyes
But we dreamt of the call of the springtime

And at last when the corn rose up greeting the sun
There was green on the land, summer's lease had begun
And we walked once again where the hawthorn was blooming
And saw the lark rise in the morning,
And out in the cornfield the barley grew strong
And the wind sang a promise of fine days to come
And high on the ridge-top the lark sang her song
And summer spread out through the evening.

East Lothian Sky
© Nick Keir MCPS/PRS
From album - 'Scots Abroad' (Greentrax CDTRAX 300)

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