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Lyrics - Corryvreckan Calling

Alone on the deck in the morning light
She looks out west to where the islands lie
As the ferry boat pulls away
Down in the bar where the old men smoke
Tell their tales and share their old men's jokes
Sunlight shining through the grey
She lifts her hands as if to shade her eyes
And in the morning light she scan horizons

She had a dream of an island home, a soft wind blowing and Corryvreckan calling,
    calling, far out at sea
Down in the fields where the children play, they come home just as the
    light is falling, falling
The children come home at close of day

Born in the streets on the town's dark side, she learnt to run, learned to run and hide
Run anywhere but here
Other girls dreamt of being TV stars or making a break in some fast, shiny car
Far Far away
The old folk told her tales of peat smoke fire nights
And in her dreams she sees the glistening starlight

She got a job in a hotel bar
A room of her own…a window to the stars
Under Hebridean Skies
She walks on the beach in the morning rain, and smiles and thinks of just
    how far she's come
Sunlight dazzling her eyes
And if the chance it comes I think she'll take it
And after all you know I think she'll make it

Corryvreckan Calling
© Nick Keir MCPS/PRS

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