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Lyrics - Bodhrans and Banjos

I'll have to leave this session 'cos my voice and I have parted
I've murdered songs all afternoon and half-way through the night
My brain was put to bed before the singing really started
I'll never leave before the morning light
I can't get home without some help and she left hours before
So I will concentrate and try to walk towards the door
The singing rises once again they need another voice and then
Bodhrans and banjos start to play

Bodhrans and banjos, here they go again
An instrumental nightmare that never seems to end
There's singing in the kitchen and there's fiddling in the hall
But bodhrans and banjos massacre them all,

Well I tried to phone a taxi but I know it's never coming
And I don't know where I live it's somewhere near the town
The singing's getting louder but the drums are getting closer
and "Auld Lang Syne" is losing ground
A deliverance of banjos joins the squad-a-rons of bod-ha-rons
Irish jigs and reels get underway
The drums are on the Richter scale, the banjos never seem to fail
Riverdance on speed has won the day

The banjos are still twanging and the bodhrans are still banging
As the singers are defeated by the pigskins and the goats
A pitiful disaster, as the tunes get even faster
And the tearful music-lovers get their coats
Another party's over and I've nothing more to give
I remember why I came here ... this is where I live
I'll have another party but I've got to make it clear
No bodhrans and banjos invited next year

Bodhrans and Banjos
© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS
From album - "Tangled Web" (2004 MACS 005)

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