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Lyrics - All Over This Town

I must have looked all, all over this town,
There where the castle rears up and the rivers roll down
And I must have looked high,
And I must have looked wider than the sky
Looking for some kind of chance of catching your eye,
1 must have looked all over this town.

I can't get your smile out of my mind.
Bathed in the fall of the echo your laugh left behind,
And I can't get my rest,
And I'm always walking through the night,
Looking for some thing that fell just out of sight,
And I must have looked all over this town.

They say you smile and look sad when you hear my name
Turning your face, like you'd turn from the rain.

Here come the dawn, steely and cold
Shining a light in my eye, telling me I've grown old
And I've no business here,
And I've no business loving you the way I do,
Stumbling home, still dreaming of you
And I must have looked all over this town.
And I must have looked all over this town.

All Over This Town
© Nick Keir MCPS/PRS
From album - 'Scots Abroad' (Greentrax CDTRAX 300)

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