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Download "Listen to the Heat" from the Greentrax site on SPOTIFY

If you can't download - Listen to the Heat - you can get a copy CD in a plastic wallet, as below. Pease pay via PayPal

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'Listen to the Heat' 1988
(Greentrax CDTRAX 019)

£12.00 (UK)
£14.00 (Rest of World)
  1. I Have Seen the Highlands
2. Town of Kiandra
3. Mount and Go
4. Sister Josephine
5. 23rd June
6. The Prisoner Song
7. The Song Song
8. Rambling Rover
9. Rory Murphy
10. First Christmas Away From Home
11. Instrumental: Lakewood/The Thriepmuir Hornpipe/Royal Belfast
12. The President's Men
13. Air Fa La La Lo
14. Sickening Thank You Song

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